Spoiler Policy

Hey folks! This is a page that has been created in order to clearly state and explain what we consider to be spoilers regarding new living story content and expansions in our guild chat. This is our policy. It has been set in place and is expected to be adhered to and respected. Our guild chat is not your battleground to debate our policies. Please respect your fellow guild members and leadership by properly voicing your concerns: please speak to Moon or an officer, or email muirellthemoon@gmail.com in order to voice your thoughts.

Off-limits in guild chat for 2 weeks after a story or expansion drop:

We understand that there are diverse perspectives about spoilers in the [SAND] community. Spoilers have been a contentious subject for us. The responsibility of our leadership is to balance out the pros and cons and to make it as fair and comfortable as possible for not just one, but everyone in our SANDie home. We have an active Discord with a Spoilers tab; it is the third text channel, right underneath "random." We implore members to make use of this channel, the private voice channels, and squad/party/whisper chat in-game. If you have not been in Discord yet, please let Moon or an officer know, and they will get you a link and change your role to [SAND] as soon as they can!